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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you accept payment?


  • We accept payment via third party payment processor Plisio from checkout cart, which is reputable and extremely reliable payment processor, we have integrated third party payment processor in our store to automate the entire ordering, delivery process. Customers purchase bitcoins using their VISA/MASTERCARD cards on coinbase or Wirex app and ultimately make payment through bitcoins. This way the transaction has a double layer of security not only for customers but for our company as well.



How do I make payment through bitcoins, I have never done that ?


  • Making payment through bitcoins is very simple, fast and ultra-secure.
  • UK customers are suggested to use WIREX app, an FCA regulated secure platform to purchase bitcoins using credit/debit card or bank account directly.
  • USA and European customers are requested to use COINBASE or COINMAMA to purchase bitcoins using credit/debit card or bank account directly.
  • This method will ensure a chargeback with respective service providers, hence a safe purchase


Do you ship internationally?


  • Yes, we ship internationally via DHL, FedEx to any desired location of customers.


What are your shipping rates?


  • We ship via DHL, FedEx to any desired location of customers.
  • PER ITEM SHIPPING RATE $80 per unit, Delivery time is 10-15 business days


What if you don’t ship?


  • The purchases from this store fall under the category of a legal binding contract which is enforceable under the consumer protection laws of United states of America and the countries where we operate. We accept payment through a chain of safeguards, the customer pays using his credit/debit card so if there is anything wrong customers can just file for a chargeback on the payment processor and with their respective bank or credit/debit card provider.For detailed information please refer to Terms & conditions section clause (11)


Does the miners come with installation instructions or a manual?


  • The package comes sealed with a hardcopy paper manual detailing how to set-up the miner with proper graphical instructions.
  • Including in the package is also a USB drive which includes all the necessary softwares and PDF manual to set-up the miner for first time users.
  • It also includes detailed PDF of how to set-up a mining pool, connect the miner with mining pool and configure the miner with a new & secure bitcoin wallet or any currency.


What warranties do you offer?


  • All the new miners have the original manufacturer warranty intact starting from the day of first use.
  • All the refurbished units do not have original manufacturers warranty but they come with 60 Days Crypto courier mart warranty.


What does your warranty cover?


  • Our warranty covers repair & incase of defected unit complete replacement if warranty is claimed within 60 days of purchase.


Are there any processing fees?


  • All orders are processed totally free at our online store.


How can I track my order once it has shipped?


  • Just use our Order Status page. It's integrated with Freight services order tracking systems. When you inquire about the status of your order, we pass tracking information to the courier and provide you the results.


Will you pay for return shipping of defective merchandise?


  •  Once we conclude the product is defective, we will credit the cost of ground shipping back to you.


What should I do if my package is damaged, tampered with, misdelivered, or lost?


  • For damaged, tampered with and misdelivered packages, please email Customer Service within three days of your delivery date.
  • For lost packages, please email Customer Service at within two weeks of your expected delivery date.


What happens if a package has the wrong address?


  • For orders placed online, any error in the address that results in a charge from the freight courier is the responsibility of the customer.