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Brand: Innosilicon
The Innosilicon T3+ 57Th/s mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 57Th/s for a power consumption of 3300W...
Ex Tax:$1,200.00
Brand: Innosilicon
Innosilicon, the industry leader of all coin crypto mining ASICs, launches a new powerful BTC miner with enhanced performance. It adopts the state-of-the-art technology and reaches 50TH/S in high hash mode. In case of energy saving, this miner also provide a high efficiency mode with 33 TH a..
Ex Tax:$1,900.00
Brand: Innosilicon
Innosilicon A10 Pro Ethash-algorithm miner is a new version of A10 with 5G memory. It will continue to bring you the optimal mining experience with unbeatable computing power. Hashrate: 500MH/s (±5%)Power Consumption: 860W( +/-10%, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°..
Ex Tax:$3,500.00
Brand: Innosilicon
G32-1800 Preliminary Specification: Performance Target: 328GPS(+-5%) for CC31+, 65.6GPS(+-5%) for CC32+ Power Consumption: 1800W (+-10%) normal mode, quiet miner, low power mode ..
Ex Tax:$12,000.00
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